Pulling together the perfect get together whether it be a birthday party, wedding, holiday gathering or just a simple dinner party; starts with picking a theme.  Theme’s help you stay on track and focused as well as narrowing down your ideas.  Keep in mind deciding on the theme should be a fun process of the party planning.

First let’s start with who the guest of honor is and where the shindig will take place.  When planning an event for a friend or a child remember to choose according to his/her personality.   Your guest of honor will feel very special when walking into the event and it is decked out in their favorite color/pattern or trend.  Do not be afraid to make your event yours by creating a theme that will be memorable for your guest.  Walking into your party and feeling the atmosphere will bring more to your party and your guest will have a blast, don’t forget to include the theme on your invitations your guest most likely participate making it more festive for everyone.   When deciding on a theme remember to keep in mind your budget this will also help decide on the style you choose and trust me you do not have to spend a fortune creativity at times is found more so on a shoe string budget.  A theme can be as simple as a season or color; open your mind and do your research online the choices are endless. Also remember to give yourself 4-6 weeks before the event to plan for you themed event.

RSVP do I really need to???

RSVP is french phrase  “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” meaning respond if you would please.  Many guest do not realize the importance of calling, mailing etc a response to their attendance.  There are many factors that play a major role in this kind but needed gesture.  The first most important is the monetary aspect; food and seating need to be accounted for.  When the host is renting items such as table, chairs, linen; as well as providing beverages and food each table could run anywhere from $150-$500 a table. Secondly if a seating arrangement is being put together your response is needed in order to arrange your seat.  No RSVP could possibly mean no seat.

If you have not had the opportunity to plan an event you probably do not understand the importance of such a gesture but it is very frustrating when you are awaiting a response to give caterers, rentals, etc. a head count.  If the host had enough thought to invite you to a very special event then you should have the common courtesy to let them know if you will be attending. Some people may think, well they know I will be there or I just ran into them the other day and expressed how excited I was to attend the event.  What you have to remember as a host you have a million things running through your head and having a physical respond keeps them on track.  Please do not assume.

When invited guest do not respond in a timely fashion the host then has to take time from their busy planning to either call or email to remind or ask if they will be attending, many do not realize how time consuming this is as well as frustrating. Just know that the host is trying to make everyone comfortable and avoid embarrassment of not having enough food and or seating.

Another issue that becomes problematic is bringing uninvited guest with you to an event you RSVP’D.  Unless the invite allows for guest to be added to your invitation stay clear of doing this.  When you receive an invitation and it allows for a plus one that means you and one guest not your entire family and friends.  I know some may become offended but again events get to be very costly and everyone has to be accounted for.  Simply phone the host and ask, it is a good chance that other’s have RSVP’D not attending and this will open up space for other guest.

As a host I know the feeling of wanting to invite everyone to your special event but sometimes it is just not in the budget or the space. Statistics show that less than 50% of guest RSVP, please don’t be the percentage that does not respond.  Some advice for the host is to include an actual RSVP respond by date this will allow for your guest to have an actual date they can focus on and also allow you to send either an email or phone call if you don’t receive notification by this date.  Normally that is 2-3 weeks prior to the event this allows for you to give your caterer a head count or for yourself to make food adjustments.

So with that being said let’s be courteous to each other and RSVP because it is the proper thing to do when you have been invited to share in a special occasion.